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How to get started with the User API
How to get started with the User API

Do you want to automate your trading experience? See this!

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The User API is amazing for those who want to automate their listing and selling process on With this API, you can do everything from listing your skins directly from your inventory to completing sales.

How much does it cost?

We're actually happy to pay for your integration if you trade a lot. However, we've designed the API to be very straightforward, so it should be a breeze with some basic coding experience. You can find our API documentation and GitHub for reference.

How to get started

Unlike many other platforms, we don't require any type of application for sign-up. You can simply do it yourself via If you need different or extended endpoints and/or setup, please contact us through the live chat, and we'll work something out with you.

  1. Login to with the Steam account you wish to implement this on.

  2. Register and complete the account registration process.

  3. Navigate to the settings page and scroll down until you find "API-settings".

  4. Read and accept the terms and conditions, acknowledge any side effects, and finally, click the button to enable the API.

Now, you've been given an API-key which you use whenever you make requests to us.

Do you have a lot of Steam accounts?

For example, cashout services often utilize numerous Steam bots to distribute their skins. To save you from having to go through the above process for tens, or even hundreds of accounts, please reach out via live chat, and we'll get this sorted for you ASAP.


Livechat or [email protected] is always the best option unless you want to contact me directly; [email protected]

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