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Rate limiting for the User-API
Rate limiting for the User-API

Stay within these rules to never get your API-key timed out.

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In order to protect our API and be able to provide it to as many users as possible, we have implemented a rate limit.

If your application requires more requests within a given time window, meaning that you can't adhere to these rate limits, please contact us in the live chat and we'll try to get this sorted out for you; no problem.

Please note that these rules apply on a per API key and path name basis for the requested URL.

Currently, all endpoints have a maximum of 10 requests per 60 seconds. This means that, for example, you can retrieve your inventory ten times per minute, as well as access all active sales ten times per the same minute.

Endpoint category


Account Trades

You would mostly use this to check if you've made any sales, and if so accept the trade.

Account Inventory

You only need to run fetch inventory when you want us to populate your inventory, for example to look for new items.


All of our listing endpoints support bulk modifications, meaning that you don't have to send multiple requests to modify multiple listings (see documentation).

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