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How do I withdraw money from my wallet?
How do I withdraw money from my wallet?
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After selling one or more skins or wishing to withdraw the funds previously deposited, a withdrawal can be made.

Withdrawals are processed in the same manner as deposits using Trustly, and the funds are transferred directly to your bank account, typically within a few seconds after your withdrawal has been approved by CSMiddlers' review team. We usually approve withdrawals within a few minutes and sometimes within a few hours.

Similar to deposits, you can withdraw any desired amount whenever you wish, provided that there are sufficient funds in your wallet.

Why do you need to approve withdrawals?

We have implemented a temporary hold on withdrawals, where we deduct the amount from your wallet while we review and approve or decline your withdrawal request. If the withdrawal is declined, our review team will contact you, and the funds will be refunded to your wallet.

This measure has been taken to ensure the security of your account and prevent the complete depletion of your wallet balance in the event of unauthorized access to your account.

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