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Why do you need my Steam API Key and Trade URL?
Why do you need my Steam API Key and Trade URL?

We explain why we need your Steam API Key and Steam Trade URL.

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We collect as little data as possible about our customers, but what we do collect is necessary for us to continue providing a good service for both sellers and buyers.

Steam Trade URL

When you sell something on the platform and the purchase goes through, you should create a trade offer for the buyer, and to make this as smooth as possible, the buyer must have provided a correct Steam Trade URL which you can create the trade offer through.



There is usually no risk in giving someone your Steam Trade URL. The only thing they can do is to create a trade offer to your Steam account without being Steam friends.

You can change your Steam Trade URL at any time in Steam settings.

Steam API Key

When you sell something, we need to verify that you have actually sent the skin to the buyer, and that the trade offer has gone through. We do this with the help of your Steam API key. Without a correctly registered API key, no trades will be completed.



We can only read data such as your Steam trade history. We CANNOT change, manage, delete or trade anything on your behalf.

You can change your Steam API key at any time in Steam settings.

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